June 12, 2009

Mark's Shopping Tips for Brides

One of the most common questions I am asked is "Can you give us some bridal gown shopping tips?" Below are my top 5:

1. It is very important to have an actual wedding date and venue. The Bridal Atelier Sales consultants will help you select a gown that is perfect for your setting.

2. Bring tear sheet, photos and downloaded web images of styles of gowns you wish to try on. Bridal Atelier consultants will make additional style recommendations based on your initial conversation.

3. Before scheduling an appointment, make sure the salons you have selected feature gowns in your price range.

4. In general, limit your shopping companions to the one or two persons whose opinions mean the most. You don't need to be pulled in several directions.

5. Wear proper undergarments. You will want to see how the gowns look with good support.

Good Luck!

- Mark

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