January 27, 2010

Mark on Wedding Central

This is one of three spots running on WE TV's Wedding Central channel featuring Mark and the Bridal Atelier. We think WE did a great job! Mark will also be featured as a bridal fashion expert for Wedding Central in the April issue of Harper's Bazzar.

Very exciting! Check out Wedding Central - For wedding information or to find them on your local cable company click here.


  1. Hi Mark! I'm trying to get in touch with you regarding an interview request, for next week. I'm working for Swedish television. Please, if possible, e-mail me at ebba.vonsydow@svt.se. Thank you very much! Best regards/Ebba

  2. Great pointers for all brides! I particularly love the comment about retailing as theater. I've worked in bridal for just a little under a year now and it truly is like putting on a show for every appointment. Keep being fabulous!