May 17, 2010

Top Tips from Jenny Craig and Mark on Looking and Feeling Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting Sara Rue, actress and Jenny Craig celebrity spokesperson, for a tea to celebrate her 40lb weight loss on the Jenny Craig program and her upcoming 2011 wedding. Sara, who most recently starred in one of my fav TV shows Eastwick, was an absolute delight! Her enthusiasm for the Jenny Craig program and her determination to look and feel her best on her wedding day was truly inspiring. After mingling with guests from the bridal industry, Sara and I got down to business and started looking at gowns. I had pre-selected a few choices for her in three categories: Destination, Formal Ballroom and Hollywood Glamour. Sara chose her favorites and is going to get busy on planning her wedding. Once she chooses a venue, she will come back and find her perfect gown.

Sara has learned so much about health and well being from the Jenny Craig program, following are our "official tips" on how to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day.

Both Mark Ingram and Sara Rue agree that it is essential to look and feel your best on what is often considered the most important day of your life! Whether your goal is fitting into the perfect wedding dress, having the ideal hairstyle, being bride buff or just wanting to strut down that aisle with poise, Sara and Mark are here to provide you their top tips on how to ensure complete bridal confidence:

Leading an active lifestyle is a vital part of feeling confident and staying fit – get moving with an activity that you enjoy and you’ll learn to look forward to physical activity rather than dread it. Since starting the Jenny Craig program, Sara Rue has taken up fun activities such as hiking, running mini marathons and walking her dog, Biscuit!

Need more motivation to work out? Have your fiancĂ© join you! Couples jogs are perfect for getting away from all the wedding anxiety and spending some quality time together. Plus, you’ll be bonding and getting fit at the same time so you can slip into the beautiful wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of your whole life. Sara Rue and her fiancĂ© even took up tennis to stay in shape together!

Craving comfort food? You can still eat all the foods you love leading up to the big day – the real secret to slimming down is portion control! Meals that are properly balanced with the correct serving sizes of protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates will keep you feeling fuller longer without experiencing deprivation. With Jenny Craig, Sara is able to still enjoy her favorite foods like chocolate cake and macaroni and cheese, just in the right serving size.

Plan ahead! As a bride-to-be, you are probably rushing around everywhere getting everything in tip-top shape for the big day, leaving little time to even think about eating healthy. Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time – that way, there are no surprise encounters with the vending machine or drive-thru.

Stress can be dangerous to a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Be sure to have an outlet where you can unwind with and de-stress. Be it a friend or family member, it is always helpful to have someone by your side for extra motivation and support you need during this exciting time in your life.

Weight loss is about progress, not perfection! There are tons of little things you can do every day to help you take steps toward living a healthier lifestyle; it doesn’t have to be a drastic change! Change one thing each day and before you know it you’ll have easily transitioned to smarter eating and lifestyle

A faux tan is the best tan. Women everywhere agree that they feel slimmer and more confident when they have that summer glow. Scared to do it yourself? Tanning salons now offer spray tans that won’t leave you feeling orange or streaky.

Stay calm. Shopping for a bridal gown can be overwhelming! Bring tear sheets, photos and downloaded web images of styles of gowns you wish to try on. This allows those helping you to have a visual idea of what you’re looking for.

Strike a pose. The day has arrived and you’re feeling less than perfect? Don’t worry! You can still look fabulous by striking the perfect pose: stand tall and straight, as slouching adds weight to your frame. And don’t forget to gently hold your arm away from your torso – this creates a more flexed and toned shape in your biceps.

Hair not cooperating? Dress it up with some flowers! Especially in springtime, bridal updos that incorporate floral accents are sure to draw attention away from the simple bun and toward the bright accessories.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water not only helps you stay slim by flushing out excess salt, but it also keeps your skin glowing and clear.

The right fit. When choosing your wedding gown, look for silhouettes and styles that flatter your best figure features. Don't get too caught up on the hot trends of the moment. Focus on what is best suited for you! Entrust the bridal experts to help you with your decision.

Finally, RELAX! This is your big day and if you are at ease and comfortable in your own skin, your whole demeanor will reflect the same, ensuring that everyone will remember you as a happy, carefree bride.

With these simple tips, Sara and Mark are sure you will not only look glamorous but will feel it too.

Mark and Sara with a Rivini gown

Mark and Sara look at a Jenny Packham gown

Mark, Sara and Bridal Guide Magazine Editor in Chief Diane Forden

photos by Michael Loccisano, Getty Images


  1. Hello.
    Sorry I post this here, but I couldn find a email to contact in the webpage.
    My name is Amparo. I am from Uruguay, South America (sorry for my Enlgish). I am getting married in January 2011 and I am planing a trip to Miami/NY, for about 10 days, to shop for my dress. The trip will be in November, so I am trying to get the appointments now, just to be sure and get the plane tickets.
    The thing is that I need to get the dress and bring it together with me back home. I dont care about alterations because I have someone here that can do that very well.
    I have been told that in many bridal shops, the dont have the dresses available (just samples) and you may wait about 6 months to get the dress you choose.
    Due to my situation ( I live abroad and far away and cannot make more trips for this) I cannot wait that long, I need to buy an available dress.
    I would really like to get an appoinment with your shop, but I need to be sure you understand my situation and that you have available dresses to shop and walk out with.
    I really apreciatte your attention and look foward for your answer

    Amparo Pampin

  2. Love that tip about holding the arms slightly out in order to flex them! Thanks :)